A beginner's guide on how to fly an RC helicopter.

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So you've just bought a brand new RC electric helicopter. Congratulations! You've just taken your first step into what is for many a very exciting and challenging hobby. This walkthrough will cover learning on the E-Flite Blade CP (essentially an older version of the Blade SR), but the same principles outlined here apply to learning to fly any RC helicopter.

Don't expect to be up and flying in one night. Flying a RC helicopter is a challenging, complex skill and can require many weeks of practice and patience to master. Despite their low cost, mini-electrics are actually the hardest to learn how to fly because of their small size and increased instability over the larger gas/nitro helicopters. However, the upside is that if you learn to fly a mini-electric, stepping up to a more expensive helicopter will be a walk in the park. Don't push your limits too fast in the beginning. Being patient and trying your best to remain in control at all times can save you many blade strikes, crashes, and resulting trips to the hobby shop.

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